Putting OpenSCAD onto Raspbian Stretch (24Jun18)

OpenSCAD runs well on Raspbian Jessie but doesn't seem to run on Raspbian Stretch.
Here's what Charles & I did to port it to Raspbian Stretch, after compiling it from source.

Starting with a new copy of RASPBIAN STRETCH:

Update the Raspberry Pi to latest. This should be done even if you are not going to run openscad.
(I use a script to run these commands, but they can just be run one at a time:)

 pi:>$ sudo rpi-update
 pi:>$ sudo apt-get autoclean
 pi:>$ sudo apt-get autoremove
 pi:>$ sudo apt-get clean
 pi:>$ sudo apt-get update
 pi:>$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Get these FOUR addtional required libraries:
pi:>$ sudo apt-get install libcgal-dev libopencsg-dev libboost-all-dev libzip4

Change to your home directory (in case you are not already there):
pi:>$ cd

There seems to be one last missing library, so download libqscintilla2_qt4.so.13.1.1
Use the cksum and/or sha256sum commands to verify that the download is correct.
cksum: 184796285 3060776 libqscintilla2_qt4.so.13.1.1
sha256sum: 2733b86ff5cb1b5fe41c45cd5a8f7fd37006273939aa17806c8a5413c4cff8e6 libqscintilla2_qt4.so.13.1.1

This library needs to be moved to its proper home, as such:
pi:>$ sudo mv libqscintilla2_qt4.so.13.1.1 /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/
Now change to this directory:
pi:>$ cd /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf
And execute these THREE commands to set the library owner, permissions & add a symlink to the library:
pi:>$ sudo chown root:root libqscintilla2_qt4.so.13.1.1
pi:>$ sudo chmod 755 libqscintilla2_qt4.so.13.1.1
pi:>$ sudo ln -s libqscintilla2_qt4.so.13.1.1 libqscintilla2_qt4.so.13

Change back to your home directory (in case you are not there):
pi:>$ cd

Last, download a copy of the compiled-from-source openscad
Use the cksum and/or sha256sum commands to verify that the download is correct.
cksum: 1757423010 6628948 openscad
sha256sum: 2c16025d86a3fe50db21af8971aa52d1f7d2bead0b4d81799ed926507c5600a7 openscad

Fix openscad to make it executable:
pi:>$ chmod 755 openscad
Now just run it!
pi:>$ ./openscad

When openscad starts, it prints a couple of messages that say it is missing some examples, but seems to come up and run fine. Upon our initial tests, we noticed that after compiling a design (using F5), that rotating the design tends to change the image to black & white. This may be due to our video card system settings. Rendering the object (using F6) corrects this artifact.
Enjoy your designing...

Note on Compiling OpenSCAD

While compiling OpenSCAD on the Raspberry Pi, I noticed that, on at least one file, the compiler ran out of memory & was only getting <2% CPU. I used https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=46472 to expand the Raspberry Pi's swap space from 100 MBy to 2 GBy and that solved the problem -- the compilation was still slow, but the compiler now was using 80% or more CPU on that file. If you have a large (16 GBy or more) SD card, I recommend increasing the swap space -- I'm guessing 1 GBy would be enough. Based on the URL above, here's how to increase your swap space:

Just to be safe, after the last two statements, I rebooted the Raspberry Pi, but am guessing that either those last two statements or a reboot would be enough to set the swap space to what you specified.